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Brand New “Family Saving” Tool for Parents – “FAB”

What is FAB?

FAB stands for Family Action Blueprint— it’s a system of engaging printables created by Child & Teen Development Specialist, Dr. Robyn Silverman, to get families talking strategically and actively
​​​​​​​about the family they want to be in this world.

Whether we are discussing family rules, expectations and agreements, body image and mental positivity, visualizations and aspirations or personal gifts and strengths, Family Action Blueprints give families the tools they need that make the difference— so they can make a difference.

No more “winging it” and hoping for the best— with a strong roadmap and tools to guide your conversations, FAB provides the direction, inspiration and guidance families need to be successful and connect through conversation on vital topics that are of the greatest importance.

Who is FAB for?

FAB is for families who are sick of just skating by and hoping for the best— families that find themselves frustrated and tired of repeating themselves, spinning their wheels and on different pages when it comes to where they are headed, what they stand for and how to take action on what’s truly important to each one of them.

  • Are you tired of repeating yourself? 
  • Are you tired of finding your family members are spinning their wheels and not making any progress despite having the strengths and talent to reach their potential?
  • Are you tired of feeling that your family members are all on different pages (or not even trying to get on the same page) for how to connect, communicate and take action? 
If So…The FAB is for you.