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Attention Academy, Studio  & Gym Owners:

Make Low Enrollment, Low Retention and Low Success Rates a Thing of the Past…NOW!

If you’re anything like most owners in the after school activity world, you are 100% PASSIONATE about your art, your sport or your discipline.  Sound like you?

You probably teach an AH-Mazing class or practice, however, perhaps your mastery of the growing the business is not quite as high level as the mastery of your physical skill set.

The reality is this:  You can teach or coach the very best program in the world, BUT, if you’re not effectively teaching the skills that the parents are TRULY looking for, your business will NOT achieve it’s potential.

What we’ve discovered from over 20 years of research and actual TRIAL AND ERROR is that MOST parents are actually looking to enroll their child in a program that will help them develop their character in a proven manner so that their children can achieve massive success in life.

Seems reasonable, right?

Well, if you’re already teaching a great physical program, than NOW is the time to implement the industry’s #1 Personal Development System — Powerful Words Character Development.

Designed by internationally acclaimed Author, Speaker & Child & Teen Development Expert, Dr. Robyn Silverman, Powerful Words OVERDELIVERS on the promise to help YOU provide your members with an Unfair Advantage at the Game of Life.

The Powerful Words System delivers to you, the owner, a fully professional, fully comprehensive Character Education system that you can immediately and confidently delegate to your staff with the comfort of knowing they’ll be successful.  Inclusive of age appropriate 3 to 5 minute FULLY SCRIPTED LESSONS for all of your students (from your 3 year olds to your adults), age appropriate fun Character Projects and Culture Building Challenges.

Of course, we also provide you with monthly staff training tools to keep your staff growing and developing as the leaders you know they can be.

 It doesn’t stop there though because we know that unless you can quickly get the word out to your community about HOW YOU CHANGE LIVES at your facility, you’ll wind up the best kept secret on the planet.  To make sure this never happens, we arm you with a full Parent Engagement System as well as a complete Marketing System to help you spread the word about the amazing work you’re doing at your Powerful Personal Development Center!

We also provide some world class, Real Deal Business Development Training for the Owners who are serious about taking their business to the top of the mountain.

Let’s start here – We’ve got 2 great choices for you to get the info you’re looking for in order to make the very best decision you’ve ever made for your business.  Choose one of them now and take your program to the TOP! 


Amazingly Effective & Easy yet Powerful Solutions for After School Activity Center Owners

(Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Dance, Cheer, Music, Theater & Sports)

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