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Kids LOVE getting mail - especially from their super heroes!  The reason most owners DO NOT implement a postcard system is because they just don't know what to say...NOW YOU DO!
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Finally, you'll be able to confidently delegate this task to your staff and get to enjoy the results:
Kids feel like it's Christmas morning when they get mail from somebody they look up to. This brings their level of engagement and appreciation up by a zillion percent!
Parents realize that their children mean more to you than a paycheck — This is ENORMOUS as parents truly are the 2nd Client.
Reach them where they make the decisions —The decision to stay or quit is usually made at home...this is a fabulous opportunity to engage with them at their home in a positive manner.
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Most owners miss out on the opportunity to engage with their members (and the parents) in such an easy way.  Now you don't have to as you'll have the tool to make the delegation of this system ridiculously easy!

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