Powerful Words Character Development Education  has added so much value to our Youth Program at Progressive Martial Arts in Queens, NY.  This easy to use, powerful, and impactful curriculum has made our youth program one of the best in the NY Metropolitan area and parents continue to rave about the results it has produced.

Not only does it teach important character lessons everyday but it gives our students a boost in their language and vocabulary skills, giving them power in the way they speak and carry themselves.  It also sparks important conversations between the students and their parents and allows these lessons to continue to be taught at home as well.

Without a powerful character development educational program, our martial arts classes would not have the backbone needed to create leaders, confident students, and successful kids in the community.
Nick & Kathy Sacoulas – Progressive Martial Arts – Fresh Meadows, NY

We used to use the monthly homework sheets that were included for free with one of our association memberships, but we were never really satisfied with them. They were riddled with typos and weren’t always age-appropriate.

So we switched to Powerful Words and haven’t looked back since!

Being able to align Urban Martial Arts with a nationally recognized child development expert like Dr. Robyn Silverman brings us instant credibility and authority, and the content itself is fantastic!

We love how the Powerful Projects are customized for each age group (young kids, school-age kids, teens & adults), how the Powerful Chats provide us with great fodder for discussion in class, and how we can use repurpose much of the additional content (Parents Perch, Ask Dr. Robyn, Dr. Robyn’s YouTube videos) for our blog and other social media efforts.

As an added bonus, it’s been wonderful to connect with the other innovative school owners who use Powerful Words and share ideas with them.

All in all, Powerful Words has been one of the best investments we’ve made for our school, our students, and our families. We couldn’t be more thrilled.

Sensei Serge Sognonvi and Carmen Sognonvi, owners of Urban Martial Arts in Brooklyn, NY

In regards to your Powerful words program, I can sum it up in one Powerful word: OUTSTANDING! We have been in the business of running a professional full time martial arts facility for 14 years and have always tried to teach personal development as part of the training. After using other available programs and trying to wing it on our own, we decided to try your introductory 30 day Powerful words program. We are hooked! This is by far the easiest, most organized and age appropriate program available. We have the Powerful words banner and bulletin board in our lobby and It is part of our school tour. The press releases you provide are also quite useful. They have appeared in our local paper on multiple occasions.

Thanks for providing such a great service!

Richard & Winnie Callahan ~ Callahan’s Karate Studio Inc. ~ Bedford, MA

For the past seventeen years, I have been teaching and coaching gymnastics. I am passionate about the sport but more passionate about the differences it can make in the life of a child.

One of the best business decisions that I have made is in choosing Dr. Robyn Silverman’s Powerful Words Character Development Program as a part of my curriculum. It has increased my enrollment, bolstered my retention going into the summer months, and put my Academy on a level all of its own.

If you’re in business, then you’re in business to make money. With an investment in the Powerful Words Program, the cost of just one student, I have made my money back 20 fold.

As a director, it’s as if I have gained a valuable employee. Time is of the essence. I have to budget my time if I’m to make any progress. I can’t imagine the time it would take me if I tried to write it myself! Not to mention, I don’t have a doctorate in Child Development like Dr. Robyn!

Powerful Words gives me full access to a 100% complete and comprehensive program. I want to share the success that I have found with the Powerful Words program because the more positive exposure our sport gains the more all of our programs will benefit. 

I believe it is going to help grow our sport like never before!  It is time to invest in quality programs and get them in place now if we want retention and growth after they walk through our doors.

  Thank you, Dr. Robyn Silverman, for the Powerful Words Character Program.  I look into the future and see great success.

Sandi Stevens
Geronimo Gymnastics Academy – Tuscumbia, Alabama

Powerful Words has definitely added value to our program. For Teacher Appreciation Day, one of my students had invited their preschool teacher from 2 years ago. The teacher actually referred a student to us just because of Powerful Words. It turns out that the student’s parents had been looking for a program that taught character development. One of my favorite Words of the Month is Patience. My 3 year old daughter can recite the definition “waiting without complaining” and we use it all of the time.

Kristin Miller ~ Glenview Martial Arts & Fitness ~ Glenview, IL

I have been a client of the Powerful Words program for a couple of years. Jason Silverman has taught me how to use this program to establish my USP. He and Dr. Robyn have been very generous in the many benefits they offer to make their program especially valuable to my business. I find their monthly teleconferences are a valuable resource of ideas to launch off the Powerful Word of the Month. Jason always shares a bucketful of marketing ideas during these teleconferences Parents of my students tell their friends that we are the”Sylvan Institute of Character Development”. Jason taught me to use this as a very important part of my USP!

Ed Guerena ~ Ojai Valley Kenpo Karate ~ Oak View, CA

Powerful Words has been AWESOME.  We originally were planning to implement it only in our gymnastics classes, however, once we started with the program it was successful immediately, we now have Powerful Words implemented in our Gymnastics, Cheer and Dance programs!

We’ve noticed that the parents are very impressed with the Character that their children are developing here.  In addition, the behavior of the students is improving each and every day.

As was mentioned on the teleconference, we’ve implemented some fun ways to make sure that every student is involved with the Powerful Words lesson plan and it’s great to see how into it they’ve become.

Thank you for developing this program – you are making all of our lives easier and helping us to build a great future for our students!”

Mary Myers

Tumble, Dance, and Cheer Productions – Woodward, Oklahoma

Powerful words has had a great impact on my school, from the positive feedback from parents ,just the summer break letter alone has saved me a student! It also has a massive financial affect to the school, also we are teaching in junior schools and talking in assemblies on powerful words topics that is a great feeder for our academy all in all as long as you implement it powerful words works!

Paul Mansfield ~ John Jepson Black Belt Academy ~ England

I have been working with Jason Silverman for a little over 2 years. Not only has the POWerful Words program completely changed my school curriculum, but studying about marketing with Jason has completely changed the way I do business. We include the POWerful Words program in all of our classes, from the Pre−School program to the Family Class. Consistently, parents tell me that their favorite thing about our program is the new word that we cover each month. The kids have a lot of fun with the activity sheets, and the parents really view our program now as a pivotal part of their children’s education.

I had a mom call me one day because she saw some kids really excluding another kid on the playground at her son’s school. She was very bothered by what she saw and was calling me because she knew that this was the kind of thing we talked about in class, and she was hoping I could say something to help demonstrate a better alternative. As it turned out, the word of the month that month was “camaraderie,” and the POWerful Words team had already planned out exactly what this mom was looking for.

Additionally, I’ve been working with Jason this year in his marketing program. I think I learned more about generating, capturing, and following−up with leads in 6 weeks than I had in a year before. My favorite thing is that I know that Jason practices what he teaches because I’m also a client. So when he talks to a class about what to include in a newsletter, I get to see all those elements that month in his newsletter. When he makes recommendations about how to design an effective website, I see the same recommendations on his website. There’s nothing more encouraging than see real−life examples of how to implement something you’re learning in a class. I am so fortunate to have found Jason, and I’m grateful for how much I’ve learned and where my business is now going.

Kristin C. Quintana ~ Kuk Sool Won(tm) ~ Menlo Park, CA

Where can you start when you get to use such a POWerful Program backed up by an even more POWerful support system? The POWerful Words program has made a tremendous impact on the learning and growth of all of our students while making it simple and easy to implement for our instructors. We have the opportunity to work with many organizations that help to promote healthy youth and everyone of them are impressed by POWerful Words, and always ask if we are still doing the program.

One of the local school systems was so impressed by the program that they have me come in once a week to do character education classes with their students. Besides having a world class character development program for our students, Jason and Dr. Robyn back up the program with support, advice and a passion that goes well beyond anything I have seen in the industry. They definitely over deliver on their promises!

One of my favorite POWerful Words stories comes from one of my six year old students. He was sitting in his with his mom while they waited for his step dad to come out of the store. In the car next to him where a couple of girls that kept looking over at him and giggling and pointing. The day before in a POWer Chat we had discussed how making fun of other people and particularly whispering and pointing at them affect how others feel and how we really feel about ourselves. The young man picked up his POWerful Word project, got out of the car and handed it to the girls in the other vehicle stating “I think you may need this more than me.”

Just yesterday I had a young student (8 years old) sitting in my office when his mother told me about how he had been showing Generosity (this months POWerful Word) with his grandfather. His grandfather has been pretty ill and has trouble getting around. This young man committed his TIME, and TALENT to take charge of going to the grocery store (with his parents simple standing by to watch) and getting his groceries. I hear these kinds of stories from parents and siblings every week.

Andrew Lesmerises ~ Mid−Coast Martial Arts

I am amazed at the quality of the materials that Dr. Robyn and Mr. Silverman are able to come up with month after month. I know the value of good content. Powerful Words allows me to deliver valuable information, (a preponderance of material) to my clients every month! Three of my Lil Dragon parents told me that the Powerful Words segment of their kids’ class is the main reason that they drive 30 minutes each way in 4.30pm Miami traffic to get them there!

My favorite powerful word of the month so far has been determination… because it is one of the most important qualities we can teach a child of today’s world! You have to get this program because it will help you to position your school as a professional personal development centre!”

Dwight Woods ~ Unified Martial Arts Academy ~ Miami, FL