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Anybody can teach punching, kicking, grappling, and weaponry skills!
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A stable, Intelligent, Reliable and Capable Staff is the Key to a Successful Long-Standing Martial Arts Academy.

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Imagine being able to hire the Industry’s Leading Child Development Specialist to PERSONALLY Write an Age Appropriate Character Development Program for YOUR ACADEMY!!!  Believe it or not…NOW YOU CAN!!

Guro Jason M. SilvermanMy name is Guro Jason M. Silverman and I’m the Executive Director/CEO of Powerful Words Character Development.  More importantly than that, though, I’m totally passionate about being a lifelong student (and instructor) of the martial arts.  As a school owner (just like you), I learned the hard way that finding, enrolling and retaining students is an art, in and of itself.  Initially, when we opened our school, we struggled to enroll enough students to even be able to take a paycheck.  We were teaching amazing classes, had a spectacular physical curriculum and a beautiful facility…but it just wasn’t enough.  We knew that we wanted to impact more lives than we were currently impacting, however our growth was just too slow.  After “fiddling around” with what was available to the martial arts industry regarding “Character Development”, my wife and business partner decided to take her Expertise and Passion and develop our very own system for helping our students build their character.

The Results Were Nothing Short of Amazing…It Turned Out That We Had Our Very Own Secret Weapon!

Dr Robyn SilvermanMost people in the industry NOW know that our secret weapon was none other than, Dr. Robyn Silverman, (my wife and business partner). She’s an internationally acclaimed Child and Teen Development Expert with a Ph.D in child and adolescent development from Tufts University.  Perhaps you’ve read some of her articles that she wrote for Martial Arts Success Magazine over the last few years, or, maybe you’ve seen her on Television lately – she has appeared as an Expert on The Tyra Show, The Today Show, The CBS Early Show, Good Morning America and Nightline as well as appearing on hundreds of radio and local television news programs.

“I love helping school owners to find the SUCCESS that they truly deserve by delivering the tools necessary to develop the character of your students in a fun, easy to implement, and simple to maintain system.
” Dr. Robyn Silverman

Within just a few short months of implementing the program she had developed, we noticed some VERY IMPORTANT RESULTS:

  • Students all but STOPPED QUITTING the academy
  • Parents went out of their way to ensure their kids NEVER missed classes
  • Our referrals increased dramatically now that parents were getting exactly what they wanted
  • We were now getting a ton of unsolicited testimonials & success stories from our students and their parents
  • New student enrollments consistently increased, month after month after month
  • Our staff felt more comfortable teaching character since they now had a complete system
  • With improved retention and increased enrollment, our bottom line profits multiplied and we were now able to hire more staff, offer more programs, and breathe a whole lot easier now that we were being compensated for our efforts!

Getstartednow About Dr. Robyn Silverman

What a Difference It Has Made…

Over the years, I have had the opportunity and pleasure to speak with countless school owners and instructors about their lack of an easy to learn, simple to implement, and painless to maintain character development system.



Does This Sound Familiar?


  • You spend Countless Hours Trying to Find New Students.
  • You Spend a TON OF TIME Working with your Staff to Ensure that they can Perform their Jobs Well.
  • You TEACH HIGH QUALITY Martial Arts Classes up to 8 hours EVERY DAY!
  • After Classes are Completed YOU Handle Customer Service Issues, Inventory Concerns, Cash Flow Procedures, and A THOUSAND OTHER JOBS – In short, YOU WORK HARD EVERY DAY!
  • You HAVE NO ENERGY LEFT by the Time the Day is Over to Even Consider Building a Character Development Program for Your Students!

You don’t have a formalized Character Development System and you know that you need one. 

In your school today, perhaps you’ve jotted down a few key phrases about the importance of self-control or discipline and the meaning of respect. Or maybe you utilize some quotes you’ve been provided from a consulting firm, or something you downloaded off the web, though there is no step by step system for implementation and you have no idea of the qualifications of the person who wrote it! Yikes!

You have no energy to create a comprehensive character program equipped with everything from letters to parents, worksheets for children, PowerChats for every class, tips for families, event plans related to the character words, and more.

  • Can you imagine how GREAT IT’S GOING TO BE to Teach Your Classes and be as PREPARED with your Character Development Curriculum as you are with your Martial Arts Curriculum?
  • Can you imagine what your school would be like if you had your very own Character Development Coach?  You Really Can…AND SHOULD Have one you know!

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Does This Sound Familiar?


  • You want the best staff that you can afford.
  • You can’t afford to have a Child Development Specialist with a Ph.D on staff (at least, that’s what you think!)
  • You need a way to teach Positive Life Skills, but your Martial Arts Instructor Training focuses almost completely on Physical Skills.

Are you getting your character curriculum from the best source-or just ANY source?

You wouldn’t ask a psychologist with minimal martial arts experience to create your martial arts curriculum for you, why would you want a martial artist with minimal child development and character psychology education to create your character education program for you?  It’s kind of like asking your accountant to perform open heart surgery on you…YES, he’s competent at his profession, however, HE DOES NOT HAVE THE SKILLS YOU NEED TO SURVIVE!

Does This Sound Familiar?


  • You Love Martial Arts.
  • You Love Teaching Martial Arts.
  • You are Passionate about Making Your Martial Arts Academy the Best!
  • You Know that YOU NEED a Character Development System for your Academy AND you Know That YOU ARE NOT THE ONE TO CREATE IT!

Although you know it is important, you may not be able to spend hours creating character curriculum. You have better things to do, I am sure, than take time out of your busy days of running a school to put your heart and soul into creating character lesson plans for your classes.

Getstartednow About Dr. Robyn Silverman

Sorry, Powerful Words is Not For Everyone.

Unfortunately, Powerful Words is not the only company that provides some aspect of a character development system. I say “some aspect” because, in all honesty, NOBODY ELSE OFFERS A TRULY COMPREHENSIVE LEGITIMATE & PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED and PROVEN PROGRAM to HELP YOU DEVELOP CHARACTER. Sorry…it’s the truth! Now, that being said, even though we are the only firm that offers it in a completely professional manner with a totally comprehensive system that is a snap to implement, there are other “products” out there.

You’ll certainly find a lot of cheaper alternatives…there are even firms that offer some form of a character development program for FREE!

You really MUST ask yourself why they charge less…or nothing at all. You charge for your classes, right?  It’s human nature to value what you invest in and what you offer.  If you simply offer it for free, is really that valuable? Personally, when I look for a specialist to help me, I don’t consider the price until much later in the process. Heck, I completely forget about price when searching for a medical expert! Who else wants the cheapest heart surgeon? CERTAINLY NOT ME!

check out this short video from Dr. Robyn Silverman regarding this very question!

Why is Powerful Words More Expensive an Investment Than Other Programs? Occasionally, somebody will ask why is Powerful Words a more expensive investment than the other programs available and we’re always happy to explain this. Quite simply, Powerful Words is THE ONLY PROGRAM OF IT’S KIND.  When you become a Powerful Words Family Member, you actually get Dr. Robyn Silverman as your very own Child Development Expert with a PhD in Child Development…who is regularly featured as an expert on most of the top National News Programs, like the Today Show, The CBS Early Show, Good Morning America, Nightline and many others.  In addition, you are also able to tap into the Marketing Mind of Guro Jason M. Silverman and take advantage of his expertise in leveraging the Powerful Words System for massive success in your school.  Nobody else comes close to offering you this kind of benefit!

How do you decide which program is to be trusted? You look at a sample of work, you look for Expertise and Credentials, and you look for referrals and testimonials from current clients that you know and trust.  Obviously, as the world’s leader in Character Development for the After School Activity World, it’s easy to find folks who are thrilled with the Powerful Words System.

So if you want a one size fits all program that was not designed by the leading child development specialist for our Industry, please use a lesser program. Be warned though, there is TREMENDOUS TURN OVER of these firms because their business models just don’t work.  It’s challenging to continue to offer a successful program when you are operating at a loss.  There’s nothing worse than starting a program only to have it disappear on you due to somebody elses poor business practices.  Unfortunately, we’ve seen this happen over and over again with firms who started to offer some sort of character program, only to discontinue when they either ran out of content, or realized that they were over their head without the proper expertise.

If you want a program that repeats itself over and over and over again, please don’t even consider Powerful Words, just go elsewhere. If you want the cheapest program out there, we won’t be disappointed if you consider someone else.

Getstartednow About Dr. Robyn Silverman

Here’s Who Should Consider Using a COMPLETELY SYSTEMIZED and COMPREHENSIVE Character Development Program Designed by the Industry’s BEST:

  • You NEED to GUARANTEE that your staff is delivering TOP NOTCH, PROFESSIONAL Information in each and every class, whether you’re there or not.
  • You want to ENSURE that the parents of your students feel welcomed and included in your lessons so they feel like a part of your school’s FAMILY.
  • You’re ready for your school to be recognized as the Premier Personal Development Center of your area.
  • You KNOW that IMPLEMENTING a Comprehensive Character Development Program in your Academy is an INVESTMENT IN SUCCESS that will BOLSTER RETENTION and ENROLLMENTS and WILL RETURN thousands, possibly multiple thousands of dollars to the bottom line.
  • You See the Value and Benefit of Borrowing the Credentials & the Celebrity of Dr. Robyn Silverman to help your school and your students grow and flourish

Getstartednow About Dr. Robyn Silverman

Here’s Who Should NOT Consider Using a COMPLETELY SYSTEMIZED and COMPREHENSIVE Character Development Program Designed by the Industry’s BEST:

  • You don’t believe that parents actually want you to strengthen their children’s character.
  • You view your student’s parents as adversaries to be dealt with instead of family members to be partnered with.
  • You are only interested in Teaching HARD CORE MARTIAL ARTS not that Character Stuff that “Changes Lives”
  • You feel that investing money in a Character Development Program is something that you “Can’t Afford to do” (Actually, many would argue that you Can’t Afford NOT TO Implement this World Renowned Program!).

Why is The POWerful Words Character Development System MANDATORY FOR YOUR SCHOOL?

  • WE TESTED IT FOR YOU! We have SUCCESSFULLY used this character curriculum for over 7 years in our own martial arts academy as well as the academies of some of our students, to ensure its quality and effectiveness.
  • PARENTS LOVE IT! Many parents and grandparents (as well as Successful School Owners) tell us that our character curriculum is the very thing that sets us apart from all the others.
  • THE SCHOOL SYSTEMS LOVE IT! Many teachers and principals from local schools have visited our academy (and the academies of our Powerful Words Family Members) and have been so impressed that they have asked us to bring our curriculum into their facilities for special programs for the children.
  • OTHER MARTIAL ARTS SCHOOL OWNERS LOVE IT! Many school owners have visited our academy to get a first hand glimpse of Powerful Words in action. Each knew that it was something that they wanted to implement in their schools after seeing the ease of the lessons, the system that is in place, and the response from students and parents.





Even if you had the time, the qualifications, the expertise and the desire to, WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO TRY TO DO THIS YOURSELF?

The Powerful Words System has been perfected for YOU.  We’ve created it, tested it, tweaked it and tweaked it some more so that you get the exact results you’re looking for…every single month, without having to become a PhD in Child Development or an Expert in Character Education Curriculum Development. Simply by joining the Powerful Words Family, you get yourself an internationally acclaimed Child Development Expert (Odds are, your students/parents have seen Dr. Robyn on the Tyra Show, the NBC Today Show, the CBS Early Show, Good Morning America and Nightline – you’ll be able to capitalize on having a CELEBRITY STAFF MEMBER!)  I’m willing to bet that probably NONE of your competitors have their own PhD in Child Development working for their school, that qualifies them as a Personal Development Center, right?

If you’re serious about making THIS YEAR, be the year you Achieve Your Goals, Impact More Lives, Create the School of Your Dreams, and be able to Live the Kind of Life You Truly Deserve…It’s Time for You to Join the Powerful Words Family of SuperStars – Most of the World’s Top School Owners Choose Powerful Words for a Reason…You owe it to yourself, your school and your students to deliver the very best in Character Education.  Powerful Words is for you!

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