Dr. Robyn Silverman’s “Staff Training 101” 3 CD Audio Set

A “must-have” for any professional school owner, Staff Training for Success (Volume 1) is a dynamic audio series featuring Dr. Robyn J.A. Silverman, successful school owner and Child Development Expert for the Martial Arts.  Featuring strategies from “why children quit and what you can do about it” to “dealing with your most challenging students,” Dr. Robyn provides the answers to your most pressing questions.

  • Disc 1 of the series, Beyond Kicking and Punching, will help you and your staff to transform your school into a Powerful Personal Development Center.  Distinguishing your school from the rest is the first step to making your academy the most successful it can be.  Let Dr. Robyn help you make those all important improvements in your school as well as the connections outside of your school that will elevate your school from “just another business” to “valuable community resource.”
  • Disc 2 of the series, Why Children Quit and What you Can Do about It, provides you with the information that you need the most.  After all, isn’t retention the biggest issue for all professional school owners?  Learn the reasons why children quit so that you can make the necessary adjustments and learn exactly what to do and say when a child utters those frustrating words, “I wanna quit!”
  • Disc 3 of the series, That Kid is Driving Me Nuts: Strategies for Dealing with Distracting Students, addresses how to cope with our most challenging students on the training floor.  Chock full of the most valuable information you will hear on this topic, this audio will help you and your staff deal with students who monopolize class time, distract other students, or refrain from participating in class.  This audio will help you gain control before those students take it from you!
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