Business Lessons Learned from 2 Las Vegas Hookers

Business Lessons Learned from 2 Las Vegas Hookers…

So, for those who know me, the title here is dramatically incongruent with the way I live my life. So, before you judge me, allow me to explain.

Dr. Robyn and I are in Las Vegas for the Martial Arts SuperShow. After a full day of speaking to thousands of owners and instructors, we’re pretty much zombified by day end. Our standard operating procedure is to eat a nice dinner, head back up to the room…Dr. Robyn then crashes out, and I tend to head down to the casino and play a little bit of blackjack, purely for research purposes 😉

Anyhow, I get about 5 steps into the casino when a very attractive young girl links arms with me and says, “hey, you wanna date? Wanna Date? Do you want a date?”

I was immediately turned off (not just because I’m happily married, but the approach was just so seemingly abrupt and violent. I immediately unlinked my arm and just walked away without even answering her. Me at a loss for words…shocking, I know.

Less than 5 minutes later, as I’m walking through the casino I hear, “Excuse me, can I ask you a quick favor?” I turned around and there was a very pretty girl. I said, “sure, how can I help?” She walked over, smiled and said, “so…what’s the plan for tonight?” At this point, I got the joke. I said, “wow, I’m so flattered. My plan is gamble for a little while, win some $$ and then head back up to my beautiful wife upstairs. May I ask you a question though? She said sure. “How well does that opening line convert for you?” She said, pretty darn well. I believe her. It was totally disarming.

So, the lesson which was brutally clear: How do YOU build instant rapport with prospective “clients”? Are you abrupt and violent or are you disarming? It’s an honest and important question to answer. What systems do YOU have in place to ensure that everybody on your staff is disarmingly kind and engaging?

There are lessons to be learned everywhere people…

Get out there and change some lives today!

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