Parents Perch Powerful Words Student Retention Letter

Parents Perch Student Retention Letter:  The Parents Perch is a High Performance Student Retention Letter to The Parents – This is a monthly letter that can (and should) be added to your newsletter, to your blog, to your social media or simply e-mailed to your clients that lets them know about the Powerful Word of the Month and how they can best help to reinforce the lessons being taught at your school while at home.  This is an amazing resource that the parents of your students come to look forward to each and every month.  In addition, this letter helps you to continually resell the values and benefits that you share with the families of your students.

Brand New Personalized Full Color 2’x6′ Powerful Words Banner

Brand New Powerful Words Banner: All of our Powerful Platinum Level Family Members are automatically sent a Gigantic, 2 foot by 6 foot Personalized, Full Color Banner designed to create Buzz in your school.  Research shows that it's imperative that you change the look of your business on a monthly basis (at least a little bit) to ensure that your clients are still "paying attention".  This is a very easy tool designed to help you do just that…plus, it adds a great new stop to your "School Tour!"

Professional Ask Dr. Robyn Parenting Education Video Series

Professional Ask Dr. Robyn Parenting Education Video Series: Each and every month, Dr. Robyn Silverman (the creator of the Powerful Words System) records a very special video.  As you can imagine, each month, she is swamped with hundreds to thousands of questions from the parents of our clients' students.  Dr. Robyn answers one of these questions for the benefit of the entire Powerful Words Family.  It's a great resource so that the parents of your students are also benefiting by being involved with your school.  You'll be provided with the embed codes and the link to this video so that you can instantly take use this on your website, your blogs and your social media)

Here's an Example:

Professional Powerful Words Introductory Video

Professional Powerful Words Introductory Video: Each and every month, Dr. Robyn Silverman (the creator of the Powerful Words System) records an introductory video specifically for YOUR USE so that she can help YOU to introduce the Powerful Word of the month to your clients, your prospects and to your community (this is important as you establish your schools as THE Personal Development Center in your area!)  You'll be provided with the embed codes and the link to this video so that you can instantly take use this on your website, your blogs and your social media)

Here's an Example:

Powerful Challenge Community Builder

Powerful Challenge Community Builder: The Powerful Challenge was actually requested by one of our Platinum Level Clients who wanted to build an even stronger sense of community at his school.  The Powerful Challenge System is a way for students, staff, and even parents to challenge themselves to SOMETHING…and then be recognized for it after they have completed it.

Powerful Words Monthly Step by Step Implementation Tele-Conference

A Special Monthly Resource Featuring Dr. Robyn Silverman and Guro Jason M. Silverman: Every month, Dr. Robyn leads a LIVE Teleconference attended by school owners and instructors all over the world! This is another way that WE GUARANTEE your success with the Powerful Words Program as we guide you by the hand each and every month with instructions on EXACTLY HOW TO IMPLEMENT THE SYSTEM.  Included on this call are speaking points and research that you can use with your clients about the Powerful Word of the Month as well as the Highly Popular "Marketing Moment" with Guro Jason as he shares with you a Powerful Marketing System to help you enroll more students, retain more students and build the school of your dreams!


Dr. Robyn Silverman’s “Staff Training 101” 3 CD Audio Set

A “must-have” for any professional school owner, Staff Training for Success (Volume 1) is a dynamic audio series featuring Dr. Robyn J.A. Silverman, successful school owner and Child Development Expert for the Martial Arts.  Featuring strategies from “why children quit and what you can do about it” to “dealing with your most challenging students,” Dr. Robyn provides the answers to your most pressing questions.

  • Disc 1 of the series, Beyond Kicking and Punching, will help you and your staff to transform your school into a Powerful Personal Development Center.  Distinguishing your school from the rest is the first step to making your academy the most successful it can be.  Let Dr. Robyn help you make those all important improvements in your school as well as the connections outside of your school that will elevate your school from “just another business” to “valuable community resource.”
  • Disc 2 of the series, Why Children Quit and What you Can Do about It, provides you with the information that you need the most.  After all, isn’t retention the biggest issue for all professional school owners?  Learn the reasons why children quit so that you can make the necessary adjustments and learn exactly what to do and say when a child utters those frustrating words, “I wanna quit!”
  • Disc 3 of the series, That Kid is Driving Me Nuts: Strategies for Dealing with Distracting Students, addresses how to cope with our most challenging students on the training floor.  Chock full of the most valuable information you will hear on this topic, this audio will help you and your staff deal with students who monopolize class time, distract other students, or refrain from participating in class.  This audio will help you gain control before those students take it from you!

Powerful Words Fast Start – EZ Implementation Program

One of the biggest challenges school owners face after they invest in a program to improve their school, is how to actually implement it so that it works as promised!  We've removed that headache for you!

This system has been designed after helping thousands of schools to successfully implement the system in their schools.  Included in the Fast Start Implementation Program are all of the files and tools you'll need to quickly, easily and properly implement the Powerful Words Character System in your school.  It's all been done for you – letters of introduction to the parents, press release for the media, even a checklist to make sure that everything is being done properly.  This program, in addition to the 1 on 1 call with Guro Jason M. Silverman will ensure a successful launch to your program.