How to avoid communication problems with parents of your students

Hope you’re having a great day today. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and I’m thrilled to say that we’ve hired a replacement nanny…so we are finally able to get back to work (during the day, that is!). It’s been really crazy around here! Juggling 2 young kids, our businesses and sometimes even, gulp, SLEEP…has been interesting 🙂

In any case, I wanted to share something with you today…I just got off the phone with a school owner who sounded totally deflated and defeated. His student count is down and his morale and passion for his school appears to have taken a serious beating. Seems that he’s been having some issues with a few of the parents of his students. He told me that he feels like teaching the students is an absolute pleasure, however, dealing with the parents is driving him nuts. SOUND FAMILIAR?

After a couple of quick questions, the problem was pretty darn clear.


A lack of helpful, positive communication can have devastating repercussions (both in personal relationships as well as at your school).

Many school owners ONLY communicate with the parents of their students when THEY WANT MORE MONEY FROM THEM…Folks, this will devastate the relationship you’re trying to build with them…GUARANTEED!

We discussed creating a monthly communication campaign inclusive of 6 e-mails / blog posts (you could do more, however, this felt right) that was completely BENEFIT DRIVEN so that the parents are actually looking forward to receiving it. (Earth shattering idea, right?)

WARNING: Valuable Idea Below…proceed with reckless abandon!


One of the first pieces of positive communication we strongly urge our Powerful Words Family Members to share with their clients (and their prospective clients) is the Monthly Parents Perch letter. The reason this is such a successful tool is that each and every month, it reminds parents about the promises that were made during the initial enrollment conference…and EXACTLY how those promises are being fulfilled. In addition, it also pre-frames the parents about the next 3 months worth of character concepts to be covered…an amazing student retention technique.

Parents need to be consistently RE-SOLD on the value and benefits that your program delivers to their family…or they’ll either forget about them or simply move to the next “thing” that their child wants to try. BIG MISTAKE to let that happen.

–>In case you haven’t seen the Parents Perch, Click Here to download a Free Copy <–


As we head into the spring and summer months, this is even more important than ever. Please – make sure that you’ve got a complete, strategic, and benefit driven communication system in place to ensure that the bonds you’re building with your students and your community, are in fact, lifelong.

Wishing you the best in success and happiness!


Jason M. Silverman

Powerful Words Character Development

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Strong Men are Hard to Kill – Lessons in Gratitude

The title of this blog post is very real to me right now.  As you might remember, on Thursday, March 10th, while driving home from a  martial arts class, I was in a pretty tough car accident and in fact, I wound up totaling my  7,000 lb truck.  Luckily, somebody or something was definitely watching over me and I managed to walk away without even a bruise or a scratch…

Thank God for the State Police!

A few days ago, I had to go visit the auto graveyard to collect a few personal items from my truck…and to be perfectly honest with you, it really shook me…it shook me right down to my core.  The attendant at the lot took a look at my truck and said, “Wow, you’re pretty darn lucky to be alive right now…They say that strong men are hard to kill, so you must be pretty strong.”

At that moment, I didn’t feel so strong.  In fact, I actually felt a bit weak in the knees and soft in the stomach.

It really made me think about and appreciate my amazing family. My wife Dr. Robyn and I adopted 2 beautiful children in the last couple of years.  Tallie Paige is 2 years old and Noah Stone just had his 9 month old checkup.  They are both so full of life, energy and happiness…the thought that they could have grown up without me is quite disturbing.  I learn from them each and every day.

And of course Casey Coal, our 10 year old Finnish Spitz / Sheppard Mix counts as a kid too (a furry one, but a kid none the less).  My family is the light of my life…our home usually feels like a circus with babies and toddlers and dogs chasing each other non-stop…laughter can often be heard all the way down the street.

I’ve been doing pretty well since the accident, however the event itself, really made me take a look at my life and how I invest my time.  I’m lucky enough to share almost every meal with my bride and I get to enjoy every morning that I’m not traveling with my kids.  Trust me…me and Sesame Street are very, very close 🙂

The true purpose of this post is to let you know just how much I appreciate you and that I’m grateful you’re a part of my life.  It means the world to me that you’ve put your faith and trust in me as a teacher and somebody who truly wants the best for you.

I’ll be in touch soon.  Thanks for making a difference in the lives of your family, your students and your community.


Jason M. Silverman

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Why “Free Stuff” can cost you BIG TIME!

I just had a very disturbing phone call from a soon to be brand new Powerful Words family member.  What was so disturbing you ask?

He’s owned his school for 3 years now and has been using a “version of a character program that he gets for free.”  Listen, I know that some folks feel comfortable using something that they haven’t invested in, even if they know it’s not top quality.

The reason he called me was pretty simple.  He was FED UP.  He’s been waiting and waiting for his “version of a character program that he gets for free” to be made available to him for the month.  The problem was that it wasn’t made available to him until Feb 5th (per my calendar, that makes it 5 days AFTER the month has begun) and therefore was unable to either prepare with the materials, use them in his monthly marketing, or even be able to deliver them to his clients on time…as they rightly deserve! (we always get our materials out on the 20th of the previous month to ensure that this NEVER HAPPENS to our clients!)

Punctuality is a form of respect.  I’ve always felt that if somebody doesn’t respect my time, it’s clear that they don’t respect me!

This soon to be brand new Powerful Words family member said, “You know Jason, I’ve put up with numerous typos, poorly written chats, materials that are not appropriate for all of my students, and a less than attractive package.  But I figured that since it wasn’t costing me anything, it was probably good enough.  Well – today, it cost me.  It cost me an unpleasant conversation with a parent who is “concerned that we might not be serious about our program if we can’t even manage to deliver it to them on time.  If she pulls her kids out, it’s going to cost me well over $2,000 per year.”

Ouch.  That, quite frankly…sucks.

This conversation really pissed me off.  I had to take a few minutes to write this down and let you know that if, for some reason, you’re currently in a similar situation to this fellow and using a program that was NOT created by the #1 Child Development Expert in the Industry, or using something that you get that’s “included for free” with something else you purchase…that it may, in fact, be costing you.

As the CEO of Powerful Words Character Development, I’d like to say that you’d be a welcome addition to our ever-growing family of Happy and Successful School Owners.  Please take a look at and poke around.  There are some helpful videos to watch as well as a super special FREE OFFER to help you grow your school.  Obviously, we’d enjoy welcoming you and helping you enjoy the success that both you and your students deserve.

One of the many reasons that Powerful Words is easily recognized as The World’s Leading Character Development System PROVEN to Increase Enrollment and SuperCharge Student Retention is that we’re committed to delivering our clients everything YOU need to be successful…and doing it ON TIME…EVERY TIME…BETTER THAN EXPECTED.

If you’re not having an amazing experience with your Character Development System – it’s time you took advantage of THE BEST.

As always, I’m happy to help you to get started and get successful.  I can be reached directly at (877) 769-3799 ext 7.

Yours in success,


Jason M. Silverman

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